Which Is The Highest Paying MS Dynamics 365 Certification? 

The Microsoft dynamics 365 certification is for customer relationship management and ERP planning. The platform is equipped with a group of smart applications that will address different business processes, provide businesses with intelligent solutions, and optimize their performance. MS Dynamics 365 is a CRM and ERP platform that allows businesses to manage their internal business operations and processes within a single platform and intelligent applications. If you are looking for a new career or self-improvement, Microsoft offers several certifications which are also high-paying. In this post, we will talk about the highest-paying certification. 

What Are The Fundamental Certifications

Microsoft dynamics certification as the fundamentals certification is the best method to begin the Microsoft journey. This type of certification is better for those with less than two years of experience in this field. It is the best option for starters. You will get the following options: 

  • Dynamics 365 fundamentals 
  • Dynamic 365 fundamentals CRM 
  • Dynamics 365 fundamentals finances and operations applications 

This type of job-role certification focuses on several job roles that occur in dynamics CRM and ERP applications. If you want something more advanced, the following are your options: 

  • Marketing functional consultant associate 
  • Sales functional consultant associated 
  • Functional consultant associate 
  • CRM functional consultant associate 
  • Finance and operations applications developer associate 
  • Business central functional consultant associate 
  • Dynamics 365 power platform solution architect expert 

How To begin Microsoft Journey? 

As mentioned earlier, there are several Microsoft dynamics certifications to choose from. From expert level to primary, the range is extensive. These types of certifications have changed as more new products were added or rebranded. The current certifications are highly job-role-oriented. 

Highest-Paying Dynamics 365 Certification 

The most-highest paying certifications are the finance and operations app solutions expert certification. This certification is an expert-level certification. Therefore, you will have to be experienced and knowledgeable. 

A solution architect works with software and systems development teams to design the applications and services in a company. It is done to integrate solutions and enhance the overall architectural aspects of a platform. The role of the solution architect is to advise the stakeholders and finds scalable, secure, and reliable business solutions that will benefit in the long run. To get the most efficient and highest-paying certifications, you will have to do the following: 

  • Identify business needs 
  • Define compliance 
  • Perform gap analysis 
  • Determine licensing costs and needs 
  • Design business processes 
  • Design system integration 
  • Design data management and migration efforts 

When a company wants to enhance its technology systems and processes, the solution architect will take control, develop better ways to enhance those inefficiencies, and add the best solutions for the company they are working for. With this type of Microsoft dynamics certification, people can easily get a high-paying job with a handsome salary. 


To become certified, you will have to participate in the needed exams. In this case, you will have to secure the MB-700 Exam. However, it is better to remember that, unlike other certifications, you will have to have a previous certification, such as the prerequisite for the solution architect. Therefore, it will help you to get the most appropriate and highest paying job with the certification.