Questions to Expect During a Teaching Interview

What is the best way to prepare for a teacher interview? You can boost your confidence and reduce interview stress by planning how to answer questions in advance. Start by asking, “What can I do to ensure that I am a good candidate for teaching? How will I stand out?” Then give examples and anecdotes to create a memorable experience. 

Review this educational blog that will list questions you might be asked during your teacher interview, with examples of the best answer for each.

At what level (grade) do you prefer to teach? And why do you like that level?

Mention your preferred level/grade, elementary, middle school, or high school, tell the interviewers about your short experience teaching in that class, if you are a fresh graduate, you can tell about your future plans on how you are going to make the teaching sessions interactive.

How do/would you deal with naughty children in the classroom?

No need to think hard to answer this; just tell that you will reprimand and give good advice to the naughty child. And usually, the interviewer will further ask: what is an example? Well, this is where you have to explain in detail.

You should try to explain that a teacher is not good to put the stigma of “Naughty” on a child. Actually, there is no naughty child, a child is called naughty usually because he does not obey the rules or maybe because he goes along with his friends or imitates his seniors.

So, you can say that at the beginning of the lesson that there must be an agreement, for example, if the student is more than 10 minutes late, the consequence is that he/she cannot enter class.

Agreements must be carried out, the consequences of mistakes must be carried out, and a teacher must also know why the child is late and give encouragement not to do it again.

Do you agree with the punishment if students are undisciplined, misbehave or make mistakes in class?

As explained above, if the teacher discusses the rules at the beginning, then of course every child who violates the rules will receive punishment. Punishment in question is not a physical act, verbal may be an option, but a teacher must understand the psychological state of his students.

What does discipline look like to you?

Just explain your understanding. For example, discipline is doing everything right, being present on time, and doing the right part/task/responsibility at the right time. To have a unique answer, we suggest you read the best education blogs by visiting

How do you plan to make the class lively and interesting?

Actually, here, the interviewers want to know how creative you are in managing the class. The answer can be, for example, by giving students time to express their opinions. Create discussion groups, or appreciate students who dare to stand up in front of the class, or show their talents for a moment before studying.

Using media or multimedia for learning can be one way to overcome child boredom while teaching. There are many other things that you can add to your answer according to your experience and thoughts. Though, with professional skills training, you can improve your capabilities and grab the attention of interviewers with answers that only a few can give.

That’s all for now, we hope this blog is useful for your teaching career and will help you prosper in this field a little more than others.