How to Be an Invaluable Team Player with the Art of Followership?

Invaluable Team Player

To run a successful business it requires efforts from each Team Player. For a successful business operation, it requires a leader & more followers. However, numerous individuals disregard building up their followership skills. There are certain areas that need to be focused to become a better follower & team player motivated by co-workers and managers being a part of the team. 

Let’s focus on various areas to gain the art of followership: 


  • Accept your Role as a Follower- Begin by accepting your role as a follower in your company. If everyone from your team wants to act as a leader then it might not turn out to be fruitful to reach your desired goal. The role of a follower doesn’t limit to following orders blindly but should analyze the role as a team player. Explore the company’s mission and align your team goals considering the bigger picture.
  • Be a Creative Person – When you are a team player it is important to let your creativity come out. The flow of creative ideas may help your leader in making fruitful decisions and by sharing them with others in your team. If you are aware of how to turn creative ideas into reality then start acting by taking calculative risk. Make sure to keep managers in the loop while working on an action plan to get feedback & assurance of the company’s goals.
  • Getting Things Done – It is one of the important arts of followership to get the task accomplished. It requires competency in your field and a sense of responsibility followed by motivation to complete a task that meets goals in a timely manner. A follower may take an advantage of educational materials and development opportunities available for professionals.
  • Value Your Team Players – Team comprises a group of collective people with a strong mindset working for a definite goal. It is crucial to give appropriate attention to your team player’s strengths, weaknesses, and emotions. Be aware about the struggle they might face while working & be ready to offer a helping hand. Focus on possibilities of conflict & lookout for the best skills your team member possesses.
  • Confident & Build Courage – The art of followership comprises being confident with the way leaders have. Be valuable and have the courage to put up your points while expressing your opinions. A good team player is aware about how to handle a situation during disagreement & get the entire team back to work. It is good to develop the ability of followership which is a great way to grow your career graph. 


Henceforth, by taking the right steps you can be an invaluable team player by developing some exceptional skills & contributing towards organizational goals. Keep working on improving the art of followership by working on the aforementioned areas to achieve success.