5 Important Tips Preparing for NDA exam

NDA exam

NDA exams play a vital role for the cadets of the Air Force, Army, and navy. These cadets get trained in NDA before they start their careers. After completing the NDA exam, the person can move into the academy which he has selected to get the training and after the training program, the commission would be granted. However, you can perform well in your NDA exam, if you can prepare for it in the right way. There are some 5 beneficial tips that you can use to prepare for the NDA exam.

  • Mathematics paper 

The NDA exam comprises both a written test and an interview. It is the entrance exam for the individuals belonging to the National Defence Academy. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) carries out the written exam, whereas the SSB (Services selection board) conducts the interview. The written test comprises of English, general knowledge and Mathematics. Mathematics paper would cover different topics incorporating Algebra, trigonometry, vector algebra, differential equations, probability, and statistics and so on. In order to prepare yourself for the Mathematics paper, you should have a better knowledge of the concepts. All the questions would test the students’ basic understanding of concepts. You ought to learn how to manage time efficiently to prepare for mathematics paper as you have to solve every question at a certain time. As per the NDA exam pattern, you will get 200 questions in this paper and the time limit to solve these questions is around 120 minutes. 

  • Paper of general ability

The second paper is general ability and it has two parts, such as English and general knowledge. There are 200 marks for the English test and other topics, such as vocabulary, grammar, comprehension would be covered. In this test, the analysis of the person’s command on the language is done. Just to prepare yourself for this test, you must read the English newspaper daily. In addition, you have to keep on learning new words to improve your vocabulary. You should know the correct rules to do basic grammar. 

  • General Knowledge is significant 

The second part of the general ability paper is general knowledge and the GK test consists of 400 marks. This GK test would check the general understanding and knowledge about the current affairs of the country and other matters. The GK test would consist of six sections, such as chemistry, physics, Indian history, general science, current events, and chemistry. You must know the latest happenings in the fields of literature, sports, and arts and so on. You should go through the previous changes in policy, the economic position of India and other topics linked with India and other countries. You can read magazines or books, which consists of world news, current affairs and in this way, you can become an officer in the army, Air force and so on at a fast pace.  

  • Useful tips 

You should fix a goal and begin to prepare for the NDA exam after class X exams and so you can do well than other students. You should know the syllabus in a better way and you should follow a definite routine to go through all the topics and subjects. If you want to do better in all your subjects, you can go through the books of class VI, VII or other classes. You ought to watch the news channel on television regularly and you must improve your Grammar skills. You must go through the question papers of previous years just to get an idea of what questions can come in the next NDA exam. On the other hand, you can know better the NDA exam pattern if you see the pattern of questions of NDA exams of the earlier years. You must solve the mock and old question papers. You should find out in which subjects you are weak and how you can do well in those subjects in the NDA exam. 

  • Negative marking is present 

The negative marketing facility is present, however, you may not have to think and guess the answers in the examination hall if you work hard from now onwards. If you are weak in mathematics in your high school, you must start to practice the topics including algebra, matrices, trigonometry, calculus, geometry right now. If you are not good at the English language, you must read English books; improve your comprehension skills in this language.

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