Do’s and Don’ts for Measuring Productivity of Employees

Measuring Productivity of Employees

If you’re a business owner or manager with employees that work on the Internet every day, you know some of the challenges involved in making sure your workers are spending productive time on the Internet.

When you consider everything the Internet has to offer, it’s no wonder that so many employees are tempted to spend a little time during the workday connecting with friends on Facebook, checking out reviews of the new restaurant in town or even doing a little online shopping.

While you may not mind if they engage in these activities during their breaks or lunch hours, it’s your responsibility as a manager to make sure that their level of productivity remains high.

Some business owners have tried to address the issue by blocking websites. And while it’s true that Internet blocking can be effective in certain situations, it’s rarely the answer when it comes to improving employee productivity. Just consider these facts:

The truly effective way to increase employee productivity is to find a way to motivate your employees to accomplish more. Start by measuring their current level of productivity.

Rather than wasting your time trying to stop your workers from viewing some websites, find a way to measure how much time they’re currently spending performing work-related tasks during the workday.

The next step is to explain that standard to all employees, telling them that each worker needs to meet this minimum standard. The final step involves motivating your employees to improve their levels of productivity.

Discover what incentives work best with each employee, and then work with every individual to help each person do his or her very best.

Are you measuring Employee Productivity?

Regardless of the type of employment, the one criterion that contributes to the success of the business is productivity. As much as team growth and collective productivity are important, an individual’s productivity is something that acts as a foundation for the success of any task.

At workplaces, the performance is often measured based on the team’s collective effort. When the desired results aren’t received, the pressure is collectively put on the entire team. We often fail to understand the underlying issue and how important it is to approach it to get remarkable results. Various organizations measuring employee productivity regularly.

Here are some of the most common methods used for measuring employee productivity:

Alignment with a common goal:

One way to measure an employee’s performance or productivity is by aligning their work with the organization’s goal. For instance, if an organization aims to reach a target of $10 billion, it encourages the employees to work towards that one common goal by providing those proper resources, incentives, and other benefits while measuring the contribution from their side regularly.

The quantitative method:

Most commonly used in small and even large organizations, the quantitative method involves measuring performance based on the work contributed per hour, day or month. It is an easy, effective and time-saving method.

Feedback method:

As the name suggests, it involves feedback from teammates and others, whose opinions are valued and based on the feedback, the productivity of an employee is determined.

One of the solutions is to optimize work time by streamlining the workload so that tackling daily tasks can be done most efficiently, decreasing stress levels and enhancing employee wellness.

This workload streamlining can be done through the introduction of electronic document management software systems which will make it possible to eradicate redundant processes, freeing up time for your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Document management systems can help you save time, allow for enhanced customer service quality and accomplish an overall smoother running of your office environment.

The quest for employee productivity in the workplace leaves many business owners wondering what approach to take. One way of solving the problem is by firing unproductive employees, but there are several alternative measures you can implement to get you well on your way to improved motivation and better morale among your employees.

As companies produce in stature, they face an increasing amount of responsibility, which can only be fulfilled through effective designation. If you want to increase your team’s productivity, giving them a reason to do so. Make their work more valuable, fun and creative. Look for ways to break and monotonous in their tasks.