How to Choose the Best Makeup Course to Become A Professional Makeup Artist?

The beauty industry is a diverse place to work with myriad choices. It is a dynamic sector with new beauty trends launching almost every month! The most common streams to pursue in this field are hairstylists, nail technicians, beauticians, spa therapists, skin therapists, makeup artists, and so on. 

But to carve a niche for yourself in this field you need proper training and guidance in your initial days. If you enroll in a makeup course from a reputed makeup school, you will know about the various possibilities the beauty industry offers. 

Why Should You Enroll in A Professional Makeup Course in Mumbai?

Like all other professional sectors, the beauty industry also judges candidates by their certificates, and it is the only proof of your professional experience and knowledge. An educational certificate from a reputed makeup academy in Mumbai will help you get better job opportunities. It is absolutely essential when you set up your own business as the customer trusts a professional beautician and prefers them over others. 

Some Basic Concepts Taught in Makeup Classes: 

  • Advanced Makeup Technique. 
  • Trendy and Gorgeous Looks for All Occasions. 
  • Safety Measures. 
  • Skin Texture Testing. 
  • Client Preparation and Management. 
  • Colour Selection for Different Skin Tones.
  • Working with Light. 
  • Planning like a Professional. 

Most Popular Makeup Courses in Mumbai 

A professional makeup course in Mumbai will help you flourish in the beauty industry. In cosmetology courses, you will be taught techniques that your contemporaries will not be aware of. Like in any other field a mentor can guide you through and share their experiences that will help you thrive and learn. 

Your mentor will also help you choose the right specialization which will shape your careers. 

Here is a list of makeup courses that might help you to choose a course as per your requirement: 

  • Certificate in Makeup Art: 

Most makeup courses are designed to give the student a complete understanding of the art of makeup. They begin with the basics and move to advanced levels. Most beauty courses meticulously plan and categorize the various levels based on the student’s understanding. In the introductory classes, the students explore the theoretical concepts that are behind certain makeup techniques along with hand in practice with various makeup tools. 

The topic that will be covered are:

  • The Science Behind Skincare. 
  • Analyzing Facial Characteristics. 
  • Makeup Base Matching with Skin Tone. 
  • Brush Selection. 
  • Basic makeup application technique.
  • Bridal Makeup Expert Certificate:

After the basic to an advanced course in makeup, you can select your specializations. There are multiple topics to choose from, but bridal makeup is one of the most popular choices. This is one of the top-paying fields as bridals artists can earn up to 20k from one client in a single event.

The makeup classes help you specialize in bridal makeup and mainly focuses on the following techniques:

  • Foundation and Base Makeup Application.  
  • Airbrushing. 
  • Applying Lashes Smoothly.
  • Studying Facial Features. 
  • Contouring and Highlighting.  
  • Brow Makeup (shaping and filling). 
  • Utilizing Light and Makeup for Bridal Photography.
  • Diploma in Makeup Art: 

This is a next-level advanced makeup course and will help your career swell if you plan to become a professional and be a part of the movie and TV industry. In this course, you will be taught all the professional techniques and advanced makeup styles according to the ongoing trends. You will find yourself more capable of innovation after completing a diploma in makeup and beauty.

This course mostly focuses on:

  • Trendy Eye Makeup. 
  • Perfect Eyelash Application.
  • Red Carpet Makeup Look. 
  • Natural Makeup Look. 
  • Sundowner Party Look.
  • Bronze/Tan Look and many more things. 
  • Advanced Diploma in Makeup: 

This is advanced level training for a makeup student. You start with this level after being certified as a makeup artist. Various makeup academies offer international-level advanced diploma courses that will help you build a career in the Bollywood industry.

This course helps you specialize in the following techniques:

  • Face Sculpting.  
  • Detailed Study of Makeup Theory.
  • Working on Base and Creating a Flawless Base. 
  • Different Makeup Looks: Red Carpet, Evening Party, Glam Look, and many more. 
  • Prosthetics and many more. 


Following your passion is the key to success and if your passion is makeup then enrolling in a professional makeup course is highly beneficial. In makeup institutes, you will learn to innovate with your makeup skills, and with the guidance of your mentor, these skills will be enhanced.