9 Effective Ways to Start Upskilling Your Team

upskilling team

Training and development of the employees are important as the company’s higher level of performance is totally dependent on the performance of the employees. So, in order to use the training budget of the company is a wise way, a human resource manager should make sure that the base of the training program in such a way that it fulfills the real needs and should also prioritize various offers based on the importance and impact of the program.

However, here are 9 ways to start upskilling your team in an effective way:-

1. You can use in-house experts as the first people you need to consider while upskilling is your employees who are good at their respective skills. So, you need to prepare a list of skills you want your employees to learn and you can also prepare a list of employees who can train others. Doing this will help the trainers to understand how to go about in the training process and this will allow the trainers as well as the employees to adapt the training process due to the familiarity.

2. In case you do not have an employee who expertise in a particular skill, but you want to upskill your team, you can bring in an external expert in order to train your workers. Also, adding an external expert in your training process can install necessary tools at your workplace which will, in turn, help the employees to use their new skills to enhance the company’s reputation.

3. You can also do a performance appraisal where the supervisor organizes a meet up with the employees at least once a year so that they can discuss the overall performance along with the direct reports. This can be a great tool for identifying opportunities for personal growth as well.

4. During corporate training, you can also use lunchtime lectures which is an informal but powerful way to upskill your team members. This can be organized monthly depending on the preferences of the company. After the lecture, the employees can ask questions and this interactive session will help the employees to apply the knowledge to their work.

5. It is also important to take the customer’s complaints seriously so that they can use this information to improve the mistakes and also give you an overall idea to provide a better service to your clients.

6. Sometimes, due to a shortage of time, it might be difficult to provide enough time for upskilling the employees. So, in case of such a problem, you can encourage microlearning. This allows the employees to take training whenever they’re free at work.

7. You can also use personalized training tool that will deliver training to them according to their needs and goals.

8. You can establish a corporate culture where the employees analyze critical incidents so that they can identify the mistakes and improve potential mistakes.

9. You can also gamify the training and development process which involves all the human senses and helps people to acquire knowledge much faster and effectively.

With these tips, you can effectively help your team members enhance their skills and contribute to the progress of the company.