5 online team building games that will enhance remote working

This Blog explains the five online team-building games that will enhance remote working.

Remote workers have fewer opportunities to socialize with their colleagues that are regarded as a very prominent element in a working environment. Such fewer opportunities result in isolation and disconnection from one another that is not advised. Several online team-building games can help enhance the remote working culture in your office. Mentioned below are the top five online team-building games that can revive the boredom of your employees.

Escape Room:

An escape room is one of the most popular online team-building games. This game is a themed challenge event that is completed by solving several clues with your teammate. This game has been proven beneficial for team building, decision-making skills, and collaborations. This game is perfect for 3 to 6 players extending up to an hour. The team has to unsolved all the puzzles and escapes the room within an hour.

The question you require to solve can vary from game to game, but generally, it involves code-breaking, puzzles, and word games.

Four Fact and Fib:

Remote team-building activities promote collaboration and teamwork that is essential for an office. The four facts and fib is an excellent online game if your colleagues are not well known to each other. This is a game wherein each member shares their personal information and builds trust with one another. This game is perfect for any size and quite advisable for organizations having many employees. It is advised to all the participants to carry a pen and paper for the best results.

Blind Origami:

Virtual team-building activities are getting very popular among many organizations, especially after the onset of the pandemic. This game gets quite interesting as it involves teamwork and collaboration. One player sends an email to the other partner consisting of all the instructions to create an origami structure. The other team member is responsible for completing the structure in around 25 to 30 minutes. The team member can help with the help of video conferencing or over the phone.

This game will teach members the importance of listening and asking for feedback. Blind Origami is a viral game and is played across many organizations worldwide.

Lost at Sea:

Lost at sea is an exciting virtual game to be played with your colleagues. Around 5 to 6 players can play this game. This game involves members jotting down what would the most essential things to them if they are lost at sea. The members have to rank each thing they think is important to them. This is supposed to be done in approx 15 to 20 minutes. Once done, you can ask members why they feel things are essential to them.

Scrabble Scramble:

The scrabble scramble is a trendy online game designed to trigger creative thinking and communication. This game is best suitable for 12 or more players. Assign two or three letters to people and ask them to create as many words as they can in less than 10 minutes. The words used with the letters decide the points.

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