Top 5 Myths about Cisco CCIE Certification

CCIE Certification

Myths are fun as long as they are not damaging real concepts of CISCO; there are so many people out there who still believe in the misconceptions of the CISCO. It is one of the very famous certification programs that enable people to earn in good digits. Long term beliefs of CISCO now become facts regardless of their reality and in all means, myths come into the role. Though every industry has its ongoing myths, so as CISCO has that are just misleading people on a great scale. People generally accept what they read on the internet but for everyone’s deep and kind information, not everything served by the internet is true. You need to get into the thing before accepting any myth about it, whether it is CISCO or anything else.

Like we have said earlier, alike other industries ccie training in Pune also have some myths and misconceptions that are handling by people very well but it’s the time to drop them and understand truth. There are firm misconceptions about CISCO ccie that are believed by people at a great scale which is why we have prepared this blog: Ideally, you should research the on the web and discuss it with experts and CISCO professors. They will provide you with an insight into everything related to CISCO and you will get all your doubts and misconceptions cleared. In this blog, we will tell the top 5 myths related to cisco ccie that need to be cleared and washed off in order to prepare more experts in this field.

Myth 1: CISCO CCIE certification program has lost its reputation in the market. Is it true?

CISCO certification program is an IT certification that every IT MNC wants to hire for networking jobs. 

Myth 2: Passing CCIE examination in the first attempt is next to an impossible goal. Is it true?

There are so many candidates who think that passing CCIE examination in the first attempt is next to the impossible task which is just a myth as you can have hundreds of real-life examples: candidates who clear the examination in the first attempt. If you work hard enough, there is nothing that can stop you to clear the exam.

Myth 3: After CISCO you will become an expert in CISCO technology.

CISCO CCIE certification program is an expert level certification and becoming CISCO certified legalizes your skills. After clearing the certification exam, it is believed that you should have experience and enough knowledge to be an expert in CISCO technology.

Myth 4: Proctors at the CISCO CCIE exam are bad.

Proctors at CCIE examination centers are there in every ccie center to make sure that there is discipline while conducting the exam, not to help you pass the examination. Therefore, proctors are big strict.

Myth 5: You can easily pass the CCIE examination at a few CCIE lab centers.

This is the strangest one though; some students believe that few ccie lab centres let candidates pass the exam very easily which is just a myth. There is no ccie lab centre that lets you pass your exam easily without working hard enough.