Top 10 Professional Hard Skills to Learn In the year 2023

What are Hard skills?  

Hard skills are helpful for specific processes and tasks, such as the use of software, tools, or equipment. They are generally the abilities that let an employee deal with on-the-job specific responsibilities and duties.   

Hard skills can be improved and learned via professional skills training courses, vocational training, and on-the-job training.  

There are multiple types of in-demand professional hard skills worth attaining via professional skills training; here are the top 10 of them:  

1. Computer skills – Basic computer skills are the ability of an individual to perform basic tasks on the computer. Every employee must possess basic computer knowledge and skills. These basic computer skills help people to perform well and keep up with all the unique changes and requirements. There are two types of computer skills – hardware and software skills; software skills refer to applications and programs, whereas hardware skills refer to the computer’s operation. Some essential basic computer skills are:  

  • Excel  
  • Word  
  • PowerPoint  
  • Outlook  
  • Google Drive  
  • Email  
  • Web   
  • Typing  
  • WPM  
  • Social media  
  • Graphics  
  • Database management  
  • OneNote  
  • Access  


2. IT (information technology) skills – IT skills are generally the technical skills necessary to work within the development, technical support, and maintenance. It is a great skill set involving hardware installation, software development, data analytics, and problem-solving. Technical skills are one of the most in-demand skills in 2023. Some of the top IT skills are:  

  • IT automation   
  • AI and machine learning   
  • Cloud computing   
  • Proactive security  
  • Software development methodologies (DevOps)   
  • Quantum computing   


3. Presentation skills – Presentation skills help the individual to deliver engaging content and presentations to the audience. Presentation skills allow the individual to engage the audience, interact with the audience, understand the audience’s mindset, and transmit the messages with clarity.   


4. Analytical Skills – Skills like gathering and analyzing data, deciphering the meaning, and presenting it are typically involved in analytical skills. Some of the most in-demand analytical skills are:  

  • Data mining   
  • Data Engineering   
  • Data and metrics interpreting.   
  • Data presentation   
  • Diagnostics   
  • Research  
  • Forecasting  
  • Reporting   
  • Creativity   
  • Resource management  
  • Database management  


5. Management skills – Some of the most crucial skills for a good manager are:  

  • Finance   
  • Budgeting  
  • Logistics   
  • Project management  
  • Business knowledge   
  • Negotiating   
  • Planning  
  • Hiring  
  • New business development   
  • Office management skills  


6. Writing Skills – Good writing skills are also a skill set to learn via professional skills training that will always help an individual to get an edge while writing onboarding documents, typing reports, sales pitches, and many more. Some of the most in-demand writing skills are:  

  • Basic writing: punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling  
  • Email writing   
  • Letter writing   
  • Note-taking  
  • Copywriting   
  • Proposal writing   
  • Presentation writing  
  • Content writing  
  • Data visualization   
  • Storytelling   
  • SEO   
  • Journalism   
  • Social media   
  • Press releases  
  • Creative writing  


7. Design Skills – The ability to create good visual graphics and materials typically comes under design skills. One can easily attain these skills through several professional skills training institutes. The following are some in-demand graphic design skills in 2023:  

  • UX/UI design  
  • Photoshop  
  • Illustrator  
  • Acrobat  
  • Data visualization  
  • Graphic design  
  • CorelDraw  
  • Animation  
  • Print design  
  • UX research  


8. Language skills – An individual with a knowledge of more than one language will always add on as an advantage for their portfolio.   


9. Project management – To manage any project, one must have various skills, such as planning, initiating, and executing a task. You can add this skill to your portfolio via multiple professional skills training programs.  


10. Team management – Team management is the ability to lead a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Providing support, uplifting teammates, and communicating with them are some of the characteristics of effective team management skills.  


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