The 9 rules of Optimizing Featured Rich Snippets

SEO Professionals consider Featured Snippets as the factor to gain rankings. They are the low hanging fruits for money websites to improve visibility in top position. When you optimize the website, adding a featured snippet that allows the search engine to show your website on top doing limited adjustments to the content. With proper featured rich snippet optimization, it allows you to rank to the first position without much worry about backlinks, site architecture, and so on. You can also enroll in professional training courses to learn more about Featured Snippets.

Learn 9 Rules for Optimizing Featured Rich Snippets.  Here are some set of rules while improving client pages on the SERPs.

Rule #1 ‘What Is’ Heading in the Content
When you initiate to optimize for featured rich snippets you must add “What is” in your heading tags. This indicated the Google Bots a clear signal that this content can be used for Featured Snippet on the written topic. It is recommended to add this heading to the top of the page content to get it noticed and crawled which will be an added advantage to improve rankings.

Rule #2 Using word ‘’is’’ in the Sentence
Another technique is to use the word “is” in the sentence structure. This means the first sentence should start with the Keyword + Is – which is the right approach for optimizing the page to show in a featured snippet.

Rule #3 Define the Topic in Brief
With the help of Featured Snippets, it gives information to the reader in a nutshell so it is advisable to keep it short. This means that while optimizing content it is suggested to describe the topic in minimum sentences that convey the crux of it. Being precise is crucial for optimization.

Rule #4 Map the Snippets Already Appearing
You need to research the search terms on which you want to rank in featured snippets and after analyzing the competitors you need to make adjustments accordingly. You should check I the existing rich snippets are a paragraph, bullet points, or tabular list. By matching the type of snippet & modifying content accordingly will increase your chance.

Rule #5 Avoid Using Brand Name
The most important rule to be taken into consideration is to avoid using Business Name or Brand Name in the content. Doing so, won’t solve the purpose of showing in snippets. This has been proven by one online education news blog.

Rule #6 Keep Content Generalize
It is advisable to write content and optimize it in a generalized manner. Do not try to write in the first person as it can be a big mistake when optimizing for voice search. This can be learned by following blogs on Corporate Training.

Rule #7 Push Your Efforts to Rank in the top 5
It is observed that the possibility to appear in Featured Snippets is quite high when you already rank in the Top 5. The competition starts from there when you want to claim position 0. So once you start appearing in the top 5 maximize your efforts to take it forward.

Rule #8 Observe Dynamic Featured Snippets
it is really important to know how featured snippets are appearing in Google. You should keep on checking the other rich snippets and their positioning considering the Heading tags Google is giving advantage and consider a signal to appear in snippets.

Rule #9 Consistent Efforts Yields Results
Once all the steps are followed appropriately as mentioned above, but somehow it is not showing up the results. Keep doing the research and apply trial and error methodology to understand what fixes can get your desired results. Keep doing the iteration till you get success.

To conclude, we can say that, following the aforementioned set of rules help you to get the right featured snippets & to achieve the position ‘0’. Also, start reading training and development blogs on rich snippets to gain more knowledge on it.