How To Improve Employee Motivation & It’s Importance?

Motivation is a word that is applied to humans, but hardly anyone is talking about it. It is observed that people rarely consider motivation in their work or life. At the workplace, employee motivation is one of the elements to boost productivity. It is a need of an hour to consider motivation and its importance at the work premises.

Let’s Understand What is Work Motivation?

Motivation comes into the picture when a person is not comfortable to act in a certain way they are desired to achieve something or even importantly desire not to have something which might be materialistic or non-materialistic. When an employer wants their employees to perform at work they should have a reason to get a certain type of behavior to reach an expected outcome. It is crucial to find out what motivates employees to perform is key to good management.

What does Motivation do?
All motivated employees gain the power to increase productivity and take pride in performing work with the desired expectations. With the help of professional training, an employee can improve its performance. It is beneficial for an organization to have a motivated employee as it helps to increase commitment, improve job satisfaction, and efficiency at the workplace. By applying motivational strategies it will see some positive effects for the employee and the company.

For a Person, Motivation is further subdivided into 2 Types – 

  • External Motivators
    This includes what the company is willing to give them. To elaborate, what those instigate an employee to come to work every morning. The core answer to this is his/her compensation. It is obvious to make the salary an employee owns is competitive as per the industry standards and comprises benefits. If the employee feels stressed by wondering how to pay their bills or what if they become sick. In such circumstances, a good compensation structure frees up their mind and they start getting things done. In addition to this, employee awards or reward-based incentive programs should be considered for meeting the desired goal.
  • Internal Motivators
    This comprises how an employer is taking note of the job completed with appropriate time and efforts. This is all about making an employee feel good and a public recognition by organizing a reward ceremony quarterly/bi-yearly or yearly and facilitating their efforts. But it is really important to understand that unfair recognition may lead to dissatisfaction for the outcomes. When people take pride in their work they will consistently produce better results and set up their own goals in good ways that benefit the entire organization as a whole.

To conclude, we can say that work motivation is quite individualistic and it depends on how an employee is considering it as his/her success. To keep good employees, employers have to keep doing great things. Each owner of an organization has to understand the importance of motivation which is the primary key to run a successful business.