How to Hire A Blockchain Development Company?

Opting for services from a blockchain development company provide business access to a whole package – a team of blockchain developers, designers, and managers.  

Prior to hiring a blockchain development company, it is important to assess their engineer have the basic understanding of the basic web programming concepts. Object oriented Programming Structure, syntax, multi-threading, and socket programming are some of the critical fundamental concepts every engineer should be well versed with. 

Every blockchain development company understand that cryptography is a critical component in the blockchain infrastructure. Implementation and integration of cryptographic algorithm under blockchain development services help ensure that the data is securely transferred across node with any leaks. It is also important to examine if the Blockchain development company has a good grasp over fundamental concept of encryption and security. Secure hashing algorithm (SHA), encryption and decryption, private key and public key are some of the critical fundamental concepts every specialized blockchain engineer should be well versed with.  

Assess if the Blockchain development company has good understanding of essential data structure and algorithms concepts. Linked List, hash table, and acyclic graph are some of the critical fundamental concepts every developer must have well grasp on. Engineers provided under Blockchain development services are capable of understanding and employing basic data structure – such as manipulation of data and reference, array of slots, path without repeated vertices, etc.  

Ensure that the team offering blockchain development services has basic and good understanding of the blockchain technology. Distributed ledger technology (DLT), immutability, consensus, crypto tokens, smart contracts, Dapps, sharding, public blockchain, and permissioned blockchain. Blockchain has a wide range application and concepts – and a Blockchain development company providing service in that domain must have previous experience in building and successfully deploying such solutions.  

Understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology allow blockchain development company allow organizations to store digital data on shared and synchronized nodes rather than on single location. Numerous blockchain development services help convert utility or asset in to digital tokens that resides on top of blockchain network. A blockchain developer must understand the creation and storage mechanism of crypto tokens. Blockchain development company with expertise in Dapp development help build scalable decentralized application that can flawlessly work on peer-to-peer network of computers.  

It is important to ensure that the blockchain development services covers both the types of blockchain – public and permissioned. In public blockchain, legally everyone can participate, transact, store, and exchange – write blocks to the chain such as Ethereum. On the other hand, in case of permissioned blockchain, only very few people within the network are allowed to read or write blocks as well as verify transaction across the chain. 

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