How Remote Team Building Activities Improves Team Bonding

Remote team building activities are one of the best ways to strengthen your relationships. Here are a few of the fun activities that are engaging and can be highly effective in team building.

If you have recently switched to remote working, then you must be in quite a situation. People are still getting used to remote working, which means that you might not have met your team members, or even if you have, you are now not present with them physically. This is the perfect situation to try remote team building activities as it is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationships.

This is much different from regular team-building exercises as you would be participating from your homes; nevertheless, it is as effective as possible. You can make virtual team building seem easy with these exercises.

If the team is to be kept motivated, then these activities can be beneficial. Here are a few of the fun activities that are engaging and can be highly effective in team building.

Video Calls/Meetings – 

Video calls give you access, and you can interact with your team members virtually, which increases the chances of the team members bonding well.

Have fun over Group Chats – 

There are official group chats that allow you to talk only about work, but you can have a separate group where you can talk about the latest news, movies, or anything that interests you.

Virtual tea/coffee sessions –

Like how you would take breaks in your regular office, you can do the same virtually. Take a quick break and talk about anything while sipping on some hot tea.

Bingo –

Well, who does not enjoy some Bingo? If you enjoy the game, then you can play with your colleagues and engage with each other. Several templates are available online that you can use to play Bingo.

Movie Nights –

Although it might sound ridiculous, it is possible to host a movie night using a streaming application. Keep the comments section on and allow yourself to talk to each other virtually using the chat section.

Here are a few benefits of using team building activities –

1. Build Relationships: A new workplace may be overwhelming, and a virtual one may be even scarier to some. These team building activities can help one overcome that and build strong relationships with other team members. It will make you feel comfortable with each other, and you can connect with your team members virtually to grow a strong and meaningful bond.
2. Combat Loneliness: Work from home can get quite lonely as you are trapped in your own room without any company. To avoid such a dreadful situation, you can engage with your colleagues. This will make you feel less lonely and will also strengthen your bonds with your team members.
3.  Increase Productivity: With the help of these activities, the team’s overall productivity is likely to get better. You will feel more driven towards your work, and this will make you work harder.

Remote teams of any size must make sure that they engage with each other to develop a healthy relationship. Managers must ensure that the team participates in these virtual team-building activities to become more productive and harbor strong relationships. The new work from home culture certainly requires this approach as things are changing.

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