Five Corporate Training and Development Programs Effective for Employees

With increasing advancements in technology and the workplace, strategies keep on evolving; thus, it is vital to understand the necessity for professionals to cope up with these changes in the view of knowledge and skills. An excellent way to adapt and enhance knowledge and skills is through corporate training for employees. Guiding employees with relevant and consistent training helps in improving performance and efficiency in the workplace.  

L&D example #1: Amazon  

At Amazon, there is a month-long training journey that guides the new hires to adapt to the company, build confidence, and analyze their capabilities. The principal aim was to shape members of its workforce, teaching nontechnical workers with access to technical skills training. For example, the Amazon Technical Academy supports its workers in building their capabilities and transitioning into software engineering careers. Thus, such programs profits both the workers and the employees, helping employees to achieve their professional dreams and also permitting the retail giant to close skill gaps.   

L&D example #2: AT&T  

There are two ways AT&T provides access to corporate training and development programs for employees. 

  1. The company has a robust tuition assistance program that makes college more affordable for its workforce 
  2. the ability to upgrade their skill set and potentially advance is provided to the employees by internal team member training and development programs. 

At AT&T University, employees are provided a specialized training blogs on corporate training in which subjects like management and leadership are taught, offering in-person learning opportunities. There is also self-paced coursework, thus permitting their workforce action to non-degree programs in topics like data analytics and mobile development that can rapidly boost their careers. Profits are not only served only to employees but also to employees looking for an online option for their tech career studies.   

L&D example #3: SAS  

Profoundly, SAS serves a range of entry-level programs through its paid “academy roles,” the company uplifts new graduates’ transition into the workforce. Through subjects like the Sales, Customer Advisory, rational marketing programs, and Technical Enabling, newly-minted professionals can build their capabilities at the company’s headquarters. Also, Through the SAS Academics program, just-graduated students and newly hired sales and technical professionals get thorough onboarding and preparation experience.   

L&D example #4: Etsy  J

Etsy emphasizes on serving a well-rounded importance to team member training and development. Organizational psychology, adult learning theory, and sociology are the methodologies and subjects provided. Along with traditional learning opportunities, employees have access to coaching too. Through “Etsy School,” participants learn about various topics and areas focused on hard and soft skill development. Also, key points like teaching and also enhancing critical skills, including organization, leadership, and perseverance.  

L&D example #5: Pilot Flying  

At Pilot Flying J supporting newly hired workers achieve their aim of pursuing into management field is vital in their team member training and development programs. With the help of guidance and training management training, participants work with top leaders, learning about everything from the scratch to the POS system also analyzing the financial reports. 

Corporate training and development are necessary because it represents an excellent opportunity for new employees to broaden their knowledge efficiency and improve their job skills to become more impactful in the workplace. Despite the capital of training for employees, the return on investment is into profits if it is consistent.    

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