Empowering Students: Best Student-Centred Education Blogs of 2023

As education continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: students must be at the center of learning. Educational blogs have become essential for teachers, parents, and students. In this blog, you will explore some of the best education blogs available online.    

Student-centred learning is a crucial component of modern education. In student-centred classrooms, the focus is on the students, with teachers taking on the role of facilitators and guides. This approach allows students to take ownership of their learning and fosters a deeper understanding of the material. Education is a crucial aspect of a brighter future, and with many resources available online, it’s always been challenging to access the information you need to succeed. Our educational blogs can help you stay updated about the latest trends and gain new techniques and insights to create a student-centred classroom.   

We have a list of the best blogs on education to help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in student-centred education.  

  • Edutopia – Edutopia is a top education blog platform that offers educators a wealth of resources and information. Their focus on student-centred learning is evident in their articles, which cover everything from project-based learning to social-emotional learning. The blog is run by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which aims to inspire and improve education for all learners.  
  • TeachThought – TeachThought is another excellent blog platform that emphasizes student-centred learning. They offer articles on a range of topics, including critical thinking, creativity, and self-directed learning. Their articles are thought-provoking and encourage teachers to think outside the box regarding education.  
  • MindShift – MindShift is a blog that explores the intersection of education and technology. They offer articles on student-centred learning, personalized learning, and blended learning. Their articles are well-researched and provide a wealth of information for educators looking to incorporate technology into their classrooms.  
  • Cult of Pedagogy – Cult of Pedagogy is a blog by a former middle school teacher, Jennifer Gonzalez. Her blog offers articles on a range of topics, including student-centred learning, classroom management, and teacher self-care. Her articles are engaging and provide practical advice for teachers.  
  • TeachThought PD – TeachThought PD is the professional development arm of TeachThought. They offer online courses on a range of topics, including student-centred learning. Their courses are designed to be self-paced, and they offer a certificate of completion for each course.  

These educational blogs provide some of the best resources for teachers looking to incorporate student-centred learning into their classrooms. They offer a wealth of information, practical advice, and opportunities for professional development. By following these blogs, educators can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in student-centred education and continue to empower their students to take ownership of their learning.  

In conclusion, Educational Know How is a valuable resource for educators, parents, and students. The site offers a wide range of best education blogs. Student-centred learning is a fundamental approach to promoting effective and engaging education. By staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends in education, teachers can continue to empower their students and create a more effective learning environment. Educational Know How is a top educational blog platform that provides valuable insights and resources for teachers looking to develop a student-centred classroom.