Difference between Montessori & Regular Teacher Training

Montessori education

If you are one of those who are new to the concept of Montessori education, then the very first question you might ask is that how different is Montessori from the traditional methods of teaching. Well, the answer to such a question can be immense.

So, in order to understand these differences better, let us have a look at some of the major differences between the Montessori Training and the regular methods of training.

The Environment: The classrooms and the study environment in case of Montessori methods of teaching are different from that of traditional methods. The classrooms are prepared as per the individual needs of the students. The Montessori Teacher Training Mumbai also includes training on student centered lessons. But where the regular teacher training is based on the teacher centric lessons.

Active and Passive: The lessons that are taught to kids are hands on and are active. Thus the Montessori Training is given so that the teachers can help students discover the needed information by them. Whereas in regular teacher training, training is given where the teacher can orate the lessons to the students who then listen to it passively and memorize to take tests.

Giving them Time: In case of Montessori Teacher Training Mumbai, the teachers are taught so give the needed time to the kids and to make sure that they have no interruptions. Such limitations have arbitrary schedules in case of the regular classrooms and hence the training for the teacher too depends on the same.

The Role of the Teacher: When one undergoes the Montessori Training Mumbai, they will understand that the Montessori teachers are like guides to the kids and this happens on a one on one basis. These teachers help the kids on their own learning path. When it comes to traditional teaching methods, the teachers will deliver the same lesson, in the same order and in the same pace. So, the teacher training for the same will also depend on it.

The Age Groups and the Grade Levels: When one undergoes a Montessori Teacher Training Mumbai, one has to first understand that the grade levels in these schools are flexible and these are determined by the developmental range of the kids. Whereas in traditional methods of teaching and schools, one has the grading and the promotion system. So, when opts for the traditional method of teacher training, they will be trained with respect to the importance of the grading system in regular schools.

The Curriculum: The Curriculum of Montessori schools and the regular schools too differs and thus even the Montessori Course Mumbai adapts a different kind training for aspiring Montessori teachers.

The Love of Learning: The Montessori methods of teaching makes learning interesting for kids. This is based on the lifetime observation and study and this is what differentiates it from the traditional teaching methods.

The above mentioned are some major differences between Montessori & Regular Teacher Training.