CDS Exam Syllabus Subjects, Topics, Books & Important Resources 

CDS Exam Syllabus 2022 has been released on the UPSC CDS website ( For admission to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy, and Officer Training Academy, candidates must pass the CDS Exam. 

Aside from the OTA paper, all exams have a similar syllabus and format. Candidates looking for comprehensive details on the upcoming CDS Exam should consult the CDS 2 2022 Notification. 

  • The curriculum is broken down into three subjects for IMA and AFA and into two subjects for OTA. 
  • For other disciplines, the questions will be at the graduation level, while the math questions will be of a grade 10 standard. 
  • Candidates must review prior CDS Exam question papers to comprehend the importance of each topic. 

For admission to an IMA, INA, AFA, and OTA, respectively, the maximum marks granted to the written test and the interview are 300, 300, 300, and 200 each. Similarly, the highest marks allotted to the interviews are 200. 

What is the 2022 CDS Syllabus? 

The three courses that make up the CDS Exam Syllabus for 2022 are Elementary Arithmetic, English Language, the General Awareness. Candidates should know that Elementary Arithmetic is only for applicants to the IMA, INA, and OTA programs. By reading the CDS curriculum, candidates can determine which topics and sections to study for the test. Additionally, candidates should review previous years’ study material to determine the central exam themes. 

The CDS elementary mathematics syllabus: 

The arithmetic portion of the CDS Exam Syllabus is a scoring part. Candidates must be familiar with their entire syllabus to receive high grades. There are problems on the mathematics paper in mathematics, algebra, measurement, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. 

English in the CDS Syllabus 

The CDS exam’s English portion contains questions meant to gauge a candidate’s proficiency with the language and their knowledge of fundamental grammar and vocabulary. 

  • Antonyms 
  • Sentence improvement 
  • Comprehension 
  • Synonyms 
  • Word substitution 
  • Ordering of sentences 
  • Spotting Errors 

Books to Read for CDS General Knowledge 

Inside the CDS General Knowledge exam, the questions are based on current events, Indian history, geography, politics, and the economy. A consistent update of the last several months is required to do well in this part. The following is a list of general knowledge books: 

  • Manorama Yearbook 
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge 
  • Competition in Focus (Half Yearly and Yearly) 

Essential Instructions for CDS: 

Only use a black ballpoint pen to complete the allocated space on the response sheet at the top by writing your Center, Subject, CDS 2022 test book series (in brackets), Subject Code, and Exam Roll Number. In the answer sheet’s designated circles, enter your CDS 2022 book type (A, B, C, or D, as applicable), subject number, and roll number. 

Candidates who plan to take the CDS are encouraged to begin at least three to six months before the test and understand the CDS Exam Syllabus. Set up 6 to 8 hours specifically for preparations in your schedule. Take brief intermissions. Increase your self-assurance by being current on all current events.  

2022 CDS Exam Pattern: 

The UPSC has established the CDS test format for the IMA, INA, AFA, and OTA. The Exam is given offline, using a pen and paper format. The general knowledge and mathematics exam questions are written in both Hindi and English. There are just objective-type questions on the written test.  

English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics make up the three portions of the written test for IMA, INA, and AFA entrance. The Exam lasts six hours and carries a total mark. The written Exam for OTA admission is divided into two sections: English and General Awareness. The test lasts four hours and is worth 200 points. Incorrect replies are also penalized in CDS Exam and explained well in CDS Exam Syllabus.  

2022 CDS Preparation Advice 

To score extraordinarily well on the Exam, students must adequately prepare for it. They need to create a precise plan for finishing the curriculum on time and being able to finish the test on time. 

  • They must become familiar with the CDS exam structure and syllabus. 
  • Develop a plan based on the candidates’ vulnerabilities and the subjects that will be given the most weight. 
  • To evaluate and raise their level of preparedness, they must regularly practice the exams from the previous year. 

Resource Box: CDS Exam Syllabus helps students to prepare for exams in-detailed with the help of different study materials and resources. It also allows students to follow the guidelines and study tips to perform well in their exams.