CDS exam last-minute preparation tips and exam-day guidelines

CDS Exam Preparation

CDS exam is conducted by the UPSC twice a year. The test is designed for those who want to join the army, Air force and Navy. The examination pattern is tough but smart preparation and some simple tips and tricks can help you crack the CDS exam.

CDS exam last-minute preparation tips and exam day guidelines:

The CDS exam is divided into three parts: Mathematics, General Knowledge and English. Each paper is set for 100 marks with a timing of 2 hours. The written section for AFA, IMA and INA exams have all three sections while for admission in OTA course, the candidate has to attempt two sections only.

  1. Know the importance of CDS exam pattern and curriculum

The first and foremost step for CDS exam preparation is thorough study of syllabus and pattern. This way, candidates will get an idea about the marking scheme and question types of the exam.

  • Any change in the pattern of syllabus or addition of topic will help you in changing the method of study. So, knowing the topics of the syllabus is really important; this will save your time.
  • CDS exam pattern give a clue about the multiple stages of the selection procedure. Written tests are usually followed by physical or medical tests. In this way, you can prepare well for all stages.
  • Some exams include additional personality or intelligence tests for applicants. With a brief idea about the exam pattern, you can prepare for all tests together.
  1. Have a look at Last year Question Paper

Once you are acquainted with the exam syllabus and pattern then start solving the CDS previous year question paper. A comprehensive revision of 10 year papers will inform you about the importance and marking criteria of included topics. After solving questions, you need to check answers by yourself. Now, applicants should assess their performance and analyse the important topics.

  • If the student has not mastered any one subject, then he/she should focus on all subjects equally.
  • Scoring more than enough should be your priority. Prepare subjects according to minimum scoring criteria and make each paper strong enough to crack the exam easily.
  1. Analyse the last year cut-off

The applicant must know about the previous year CDS examinations cut off. It will have following benefits:

  • Give a strong clue about the safest score
  • If candidates attempt the mock tests, they should know whether they are scoring less or more than last year’s cut off.
  • If the applicant is scoring lower marks than expected then it will help you know in which topics he needs improvement.
  1. Mathematics

Mathematics section is for AFA, IMA and INA exams. Candidates of OTA exam don’t have to attempt this section. There will be a total of 100 multiple choice questions in maths and it is really easy to score well in this subject. All you need is proper preparation and formulas on fingertips. It is best to focus on conceptual problems and aptitude questions. Topics included in the CDS exam are: Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Mensuration and Trigonometry.

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