How to Be A Better Teacher Online?

Due to the current pandemic, online learning is on the rise. Students have to learn everything at home and teachers need to take classes online. To become an effective online teacher, you must follow the best practices. When combined with comprehensive courses and the right resources, digital learning can be more effective than a traditional classroom. To be a better teacher one must follow simple but sure ways to get the desired level of success. 

  • Be Digitally Realm:  While taking online lectures you are not physically present, but there are many ways to make yourself in the digital realm. To achieve this in the online world you have to utilize a wide range of communication modes and assurance to connect with them on schedule time. Keeping the interaction active in discussion boards, emails, announcements, and forums are the best examples of keeping your presence in the online classroom. 
  • Set Expectations for Students: It is crucial to make students aware of the expectations before you start your online learning classes. These expectations can be from both ends. From the tutors’ viewpoint it includes everything they expect from you as well as for students what they expect from teachers. By clarifying the expectations it will be easy for smooth flow of course. 
  • Let Students Engage more:  The objective of online learning is to get the best out of learners. The better course material is more effective for them to learn. As per the expert studies effectiveness, of course, the material helps the students to spend more time and engage with the content. With this method, they will learn more.  
  • Develop Bond With Students:  While the online session is going on every teacher has to keep the communication effective. Students studying online might feel isolated in the digital classroom. So it’s the task of a teacher to make an effort and reach out to each student to help them feel comfortable. 
  • Using Resources Readily Available: Digital learning involves engaging students on computers and with the use of the internet. It is to help them to learn by providing the best resources to learn such as online education platforms, digital publications, news websites, online videos on YouTube, or online education blogs. All such informative material allows them to explore more. For students, mobile-based content helps them to engage more on a smartphone or mobile device. But we should not forget that excessive use of mobile phones is harmful to students.


To conclude, we can say that teacher training is essential to conduct online sessions. Also, it is really important for tutors to engage with students and make them attentive during digital classroom learning. The above tips will definitely help you to become a better online teacher.