7 Crucial Tips for Passing AFCAT Exams on Your First Attempt

AFCAT Coaching In Mumbai

Attention exam candidates! AFCAT trainers have collected and designated the best exam tips to help you pass the AFCAT exam! Any tip that upsurges the chance of success or simply facilitates learning is a plus. With the following tips & tricks, you are assured of good general preparation. 

  1. Quick and Accurate Calculation in Maths

The calculation portion in the AFCAT exam is not too lengthy. All you need is proper time management to solve all questions in time. As per the best AFCAT coaching in Mumbai experts, simple tricks and formulas on tips will help you solve basic questions easily. It is best to improve your accuracy and speed in allegations, age problems, compound interest, and rations, etc.

  1. English Section is Easy to Attempt

The only problem that a majority of candidates face is with synonyms and antonyms. If you want to strengthen this part, read the newspaper daily or download some vocabulary applications on your smartphone. Although the newspaper is the best physical way to improve English errors and synonymous terminologies.

Additional Tip by specialists of AFCAT classes in Mumbai: Don’t forget to practice previous year question papers of CDS, AFCAT, and NDA exams.

  1. Focus on Reasoning

AFCAT classes in Mumbai strictly emphasize reasoning as it requires open minds to solve problems. Verbal reasoning is English knowledge-centered while the nonverbal portion relies on observations. Continuous practice makes this part simple for many candidates.

  1. Don’t stick on one Question only

It is always advisable to attempt those questions which you can solve without confusion or error. If you feel stuck on one problem, skip it, move forward to the next questions without wasting your time. Negative marking should not be neglected while marking the answers.

  1. Study a Lot

Reading always prepares you to perform best in exams. English section carries maximum weightage: Reader’s digest and Hindu’s editorials can help you with groundwork.

  1. Spatial Ability

Spatial Ability is one of the easiest parts of the AFCAT entrance exam. On average, 80-90% of students score well in the military aptitude and spatial ability section. To prepare for this, pay attention to the type and format of questions asked in the exam.

  1. Remain careful with the OMR sheet

Ticking correct options is not the only task of the AFCAT exam, but filling the OMR sheet accurately is the core of entrance. Every year, a lot of students are rejected due to incorrect filling of OMR which is considered invalid during checking. So, it is suggested to precisely fill data or information on the sheet. If you feel any confusion, ask the officials before entering. AFCAT online coaching experts train their applicants for every portion of the exam, even for the filling data on the OMR sheet as well.