6 Ways Employee Training Has Changed in the Digital Age

Digital Transformation has also brought about major changes in terms of corporate training. With e-learning, your employees can grow their skills how, when, and where they want. Let us discover together all the advantages and opportunities. 

The digitalization of training courses: E-learning is born

With the digitalization of companies, the concept of Corporate Training has evolved. In fact, we hear more and more often about courses and lessons dedicated to the development of professional skills performed online.

These processes are called “e-learning”. An educational corporate learning program that is experienced on the web. In this way, the employees of your company will be able to enjoy continuous training, organizing their working times as they see fit.

The strengths of E-learning

Companies can no longer do without digital if they want to have a chance to compete in the markets. In this sense, e-learning represents a solution to the training of your employees who must be updated on the news and possibilities offered by digital transformation, in a deep but fast way.

Classroom lessons have not disappeared completely, but in most cases, they are transformed or are assisted by digital materials. This allows your employees to manage training times in line with work commitments, without stressing too much and at the maximum of their freedom.

What are the characteristics that an online course must respect?

Flexibility, interactivity, modularity. These are the three principles of E-learning. Employees need access to an easy-to-use platform that requires active and informed interaction. Each of them will be able to access the lessons at any time, which must be structured in precise modules so as to simplify the work and make learning faster, easier, and more incisive.

What are the benefits of E-learning for companies?

Today we live in an ever-changing world. To be competitive in the market, it is necessary that its employees are updated on new technologies and new tools that the web makes available to them.

In addition, corporate training programs allow you to monitor the entire learning process and make program changes during the course of work, if the employee does not achieve the desired results. Experts talk about personalized online training on your employee’s profile. A practically impossible thing to do, in a traditional classroom.

The question of costs is also important: online teaching makes it possible to contain travel expenses for employees or teachers.

The latest trends in E-learning

Professional development training programs allow you to take advantage of the most innovative and technological types of professional teaching:

  1. Video Learning

Learning modalities through video lessons built specifically for your employees and recorded by teachers and teachers.

  1. Mobile Learning

The lessons can also be listened to and viewed on smartphones or tablets, optimizing the methods of use and the times of teaching.

  1. Gamification

The game, the prizes, the goals to be achieved. They are tools that are able to involve students much more and make it easier for them to learn subjects that would otherwise be difficult to understand.

  1. Social Learning

It is an example of inclusive and interactive didactics, where all students are called to actively participate in the lesson. Develops team working skills and strengthens group dynamics.

  1. Micro-Learning

Learning on manuals that are too long becomes almost impossible when you have a job to keep going. In addition, it is completely useless in a world that cares about sectorial. For this reason, micro learning, or learning in pills, allows your employees maximum freedom and flexibility.

  1. Corporate training events

Participating in training days can be an excellent opportunity for growth for your employees, because it allows them to update themselves on the latest news related to Digital Transformation, in a convenient and fast way.