Top 6 Latest Trends in Education Technology One Must Know

Trends in Education Technology 2019

As Education is slowly and gradually taking on the new phase, more and more technical aspects are incorporated into the system so as to make its mart and fully digitalized. There are various sources that are added to the education system so as to make it more accessible and easier for the students as well. Therefore, in keeping up with the current trends in educational technology, some of the most important ones are as follows:

1.Using gaming technology

One of the latest learning trends that have pre-occupied the whole of the education system is the way gaming technology has been successfully incorporated. This counts for 50% of the system totally transforming itself for the betterment of the students. The use of various analogies and the development of the virtual environment help the students to develop their brain faster and thus, the students are able to make quick decisions along with following the instruction of courses properly. Plus, the assessments are done in a forensic manner and this cultivates better display of choices as well.

2.Digital learning

One of the new trends in education is none other than the use of digital learning. For making things faster and better presentable as well, digitally making the students learn something through the use of the internet makes way for greater flexibility and ensures that everybody gets to learn all of the aspects of education. With that, the institutions come up with their own form of learning methods too owing to the advantages that come up with the digital space.

3.Mobile technology

One of the latest trends in education can be counted to be the use of mobile technology. The pros of using such a technology can be counted upon the institutions, which make the students learn up all the concepts and other subjects in a different manner. One of the ways in which this technology has actuality helped is that the student’s progress can be tracked up and changes can be done accordingly. The student can then be paid more focus upon and this would improve the teaching skills too.

4.Automatic attendance technology

Attendance is a common scenario in the education environment and therefore, the introduction of automatic attendance technology rather helps in the superficial side of letting the attendance happen quickly without having the teachers call out the names fast. This adds for greater clarity and makes the teachers suitable for the training as well. Plus, all of the emergency situations are also met with the use of this technology.


The use of AI or artificial intelligence is also seen in the educational world and the introduction of this technology has gladly benefited into the system of improving the courses by drastically seeing to the scenes of counselings for the students as well. It helps the students to pay more attention as well.

With all of the above information, it is evident that latest the technological inputs have gladly affected the education system for the good.